Our Products

Modular Walk-Ins

 We manufacture each modular walk-in to each customer's specific needs. Each panel is engineered to provide quick and easy assembly. All walk-ins are pre-assembled at the plant to assure all locking mechanisms and panels join together to assure to provide a quality, sealed unit when assembled in the field. 

Preassembled Walk-Ins

 For the customer who wants a quality unit with no worries about on-site assembly, we provide a pre-assembled unit. This unit is manufactured and assembled using the same high standard, quality controls as our modular units but it is shipped completely assembled for easy set-up and electrical hookup at the site. 

Mobile Units

 Can be used for anything from catering,  food delivery to emergency cold storage back-up.

Walk-In Doors


We manufacture our walk-in doors to meet our customers' needs. These doors are available for both cooler and freezer units. Cooler doors include flush mount door, overlap frame and hardware. Freezer doors include flush mount door, overlap frame, hardware, heater wire and threshold.

Refrigeration Systems

 All of our refrigeration systems are available in both remote and self-contained units, for both indoor and outdoors applications. Refrigeration is computerized in our labs and is tailored specifically for each walk-in application. 

Test Assembled

Before shipment, we test each modular walk-in unit at our plant. This assures that every North Star modular unit will efficiently be installed in the field.